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Day: November 10, 2019

Woolf is the senior writer of a newly published research using optogenetics-a technique that uses hereditary engineering to render neurons in living cells sensitive to laser light. Using this process in mice, Woolf, and colleagues successfully identified the precise cascade of pain-related behavioral replies evoked by stimulating neurons that specifically sense pain-inducing stimuli.

The findings, published July 5 in Cell Reports, show some big surprises and cast a fresh light on the classic dogma of pain reflex responses first described a century ago by the neurophysiologist and Nobel laureate Sir Charles Sherrington. Woolf sat down with Harvard Medicine News to go over his latest research and his journey to unravel the mysteries of pain. HMN: Among the central themes in your quest is pain.

Woolf: When I was on the medical wards as a medical college student, there were many patients complaining of terrible postoperative pain. Why do we feel pain? Because it warns us of the danger in our environment. Without that warning, we are at high risk of damaging ourselves. Individuals delivered with congenital insensitivity to pain, for example, suffer repeated damage.

They’re not aware of the difference between food and their tongues, so they chew their tongues. They burn off themselves because they cannot differentiate between something warm or scalding hot. HMN: So pain is good, except when it is not? Woolf: Pain as a physiological response is absolutely good. It’s an integral adaptive mechanism that has a protective function against danger and is a warning transmission … Read the rest

A hurry of new bonds is flooding the asset-backed securities market, including various kinds of deals that haven’t been seen because the financial meltdown. 675 million amid robust investor demand. South Carolina Student Loan Corp. Far this year The sales are a proclaimed differ from the trend so, which has been dominated by leading auto-loan-connection sales. The offers are finding demand from investors, a lot of whom are seeking a relatively safe investment that will pay more than Treasury bonds. Other investments, like corporate bonds, have staged rallies also, making asset-backed securities more appealing. Of Thanksgiving week Issuers are coming to market now in large part to finish their sales forward. Jim Harrington, an asset-backed investor and former portfolio manager.

Increased source hasn’t damped prices. Triple-A-rated three-year auto-sector bonds traded Thursday at produces of 25 basis points, or one-quarter percentage point over similar Treasurys. Year ago A, the difference was 55 basis points, Citigroup data show. Since prices move to yields inversely, the bonds increased in relative value. A lot more than 60% of bonds sold this year have been auto-sector bonds, however the combine has become a bit more mixed this week. South Carolina EDUCATION LOAN Corp. 140 billion sold this past year, when the marketplace was being backed by the Federal Reserve with low-cost loans to traders. 91.this season through Thursday night 56 billion has been sold. Next year could see issuance decline: Uncertainty over regulations on disclosure and accounting have damped issuer’s forecasts. This year Industry individuals … Read the rest

What is “Outsourcing” ? Outsourcing was coined to spell it out the purchasing of products a company previously experienced performed utilizing their own resources. When outsourcing is utilized to supplement a company’s internal capability it can be like some other purchase of something or service and the same types of decision tools and contracts can be utilized. In its most complex form, Outsourcing is comparable to the acquisition of a small business with all the requirements of due diligence. The Company may be prepared to assume the individuals and buy the device provided that there is a guaranteed return to them in doing so.

In some instances they may see the potential for the use of the personnel in helping other customer. Over the full years every time I learned something about outsourcing I captured it as learning. I thought I would share that set of learning with my readers. 1. No-one can account for all development or have all knowledge. Some type of “outsourcing” will happen in every company. 2. You can truly outsource something completely never.

The need to manage the outsource relationship always remains. 3. There is a knowledge factor in outsourcing – either you gain or lose knowledge. When you send work out, the data flow with the ongoing work. When you bring work in, the knowledge flows with the work. The chance is that once the basic knowledge to do the work is lost the competitive benefit from the task is lost. 4. Don’t outsource … Read the rest