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How To Craft The Perfect SOCIAL NETWORKING Message

So you want to craft the perfect sociable media message? In a world of evolving followers and ever-changing algorithms this is not always a simple task; nevertheless the perfect message can still be within your reach if you first take the steps needed to ensure a strong social media strategy.

This post is part of “Your Definitive Guide to Lead Generation” blog series. To be able to create a strong social mass media strategy you must first get to know your audience. Where are they from? When are they online? You can answer these important questions, and many more by using free online cultural press analytics tools. Buffer- An instrument that helps you drive traffic, boost your social press engagement and understand your fans.

The free version helps you monitor major engagement stats. Klout- An instrument that uses your social media webpages across several channels to rating your impact from 0 to 100 and help you build better content for your fans. Tweriod- A free Twitter tool that can help you find a very good time to Tweet predicated on when your fans are online. Facebook Page Insights- Open to all web page admins, Facebook Insights provide you with the stats behind your content, your followers and the reach of the content you are posting. Bonus: You can also become familiar with your competition by placing them in the “Pages to view” category.

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Based on what you learn about your audience, develop a social press audit for every channel you are active on. To be able to make sure your content is well planned, interesting, and timely, I recommend developing a content calendar. You’ve completed these steps…now what? Given that you know your audience and you have established a solid base for a public media strategy, you can now begin crafting the perfect messages to get (and keep) your supporters engaged!

Engage your fans by providing just enough information to make them click. Use videos or images to grab the audience’s attention. Facebook posts with visuals have the highest amount of engagement. Give a clear call to action including a shortened, unique link to track effectiveness. Post your content at a time when you understand your supporters will dsicover it.

Use the info in your sociable press audit to determine your very best days/times to post. If your very best days/times to post are not during regular business hours, you can use free scheduling tools such as hootsuite or buffer to publish content and routine them appropriately. Try to keep your message at 100 characters or less. Allow 20 people for retweeters to include content.