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Top Trump Diplomat Shares Plans For Future Peace Accords Between Israelis, Palestinians

Top Trump Diplomat Shares Plans For Future Peace Accords Between Israelis, Palestinians 1

EXCLUSIVE: Jason Greenblatt spent 20 years as the top real estate lawyer for NY programmer Donald Trump. He worked on numerous deals from his office in the gleaming Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. Greenblatt is the president’s point man on serenity in the Middle East, and in his address, Greenblatt called out the well-worn bromides of the international diplomats who have yielded little improvement. Fox News in an interview after his Security Council appearance. But despite the odds, he could be optimistic.

His U.N. visit arrived one month following the Trump administration sponsored a “Peace to Prosperity” workshop that happened in Bahrain. More than 300 officials, including those from Israel and Arab countries, mingled to chart out an unprecedented work to strengthen the Palestinian economy. 50 billion for desperately needed financial development, that officials say would create 1 million careers for the Palestinians and take the West Bank or investment company, and Gaza, into a fresh era as well as neighboring economies. Palestinian businessman from Hebron because he attended the event. Abbas has damaged off ties to the White House as a protest, in response to the administration moving the U.S. Yr Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem last.

He is confident that the Palestinian command will eventually come around and find out that the admiration’s programs are in their interest. Looming over the effort is the shadow of Iran, and Tehran’s continuing terrorist financing of Hamas and Hezbollah. Week for follow up meetings on the program Greenblatt is proceeding back to the Middle East next. He will be accompanied by the president’s senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner and other officials. They will visit Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the U.A.E. The 60-web page political arrange for both edges has not yet been released. But Greenblatt is confident that by proposing bold new ideas, President Trump will achieve a success that is definitely sought but not yet sealed.

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