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Beauty And More By Pilar

Beauty And More By Pilar 1

Today I have two product reviews on two Milani’s Foundations. I know I’m a little past due with the first review. I’m very picky about the foundations that I take advantage of in my makeup program so let’s find out if both of these foundations are a Yay or Nay or me. Combat under-eye circles, redness, and other skin imperfections with this full coverage, water-resistant basis plus concealer in a single. A no mess, no drip pump dispenses just the right amount of fluid had a need to achieve a flawless look and works night and day to keep skin looking naturally perfect!

Let’s focus on the good. Of the day This is a creamy medium to full coverage foundation that lasts most. Though this foundation is creamy Even, it feels lightweight which is good because the elements gets warmer. I really like that this base comes with a pump that is simple to use.

  1. We ensure all our products are of quality without blemish or defects, before postage is delivered
  2. Pat dried out and moisturize
  3. 6 years ago from Kentucky
  4. Lift Weights
  5. Yes, You Should Put Anti-Chafing Gel on your own Face
  6. Never Skip a Step
  7. Leaves epidermis hydrated
  8. Continue with your normal constitute routine

I also love that is a 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer. I can tell that foundation covers any puffiness and my dark circles (especially if I’m lacking rest). I do not like the smell. This base has a (I hate to say it no criminal offense to anyone), old lady light floral fragrance.

It’s not overpowering and the fragrance does have a tendency to diminish. It’s just the original program that the scent bothers me. This base will come in an array of shades, but the shades appear a little off. Right now I’m very good at choosing the right foundation for myself, but when I got this foundation it seems a bit off or at least in photos. I wear Tan (09), however in pictures it tends to me appear to be I’ve an unnatural honey mustard color glow. I must watch where I take photos wearing this foundation really. Overall I love this foundation really, and this is one of my go to foundations.

The makeup equivalent of soft-focus lighting, this medium-to-full coverage natural powder has a concealed agenda-it conceals your flaws to expose an enviable tone. Even-Touch Powder Foundation is highly bendable and can be utilized as both an environment powder and a quick touch-up each day. So by if you follow me and read my reviews now, you already know that there’s virtually no time for just about any BS here. This powder basis is definitely a Nay for me.

This is actually my first natural powder base and I wasn’t impressed. It took forever for me to get the powder on my brush, and when I did so it was hardly obvious. I’m not one to stop on makeup products, but this product is just so bad. I know that that powder foundation is different from traditional foundation, but after about one hour of application, it felt and looked like I wasn’t even wearing any foundation (I know that isn’t always a bad thing). The color matches me flawlessly (Caramel), but this basis almost reminds me of a translucent natural powder.

I only recommend this natural powder basis if you truly don’t like wearing makeup because like I simply mentioned it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing something. The swatches took a whole great deal of work to encourage them to show this good on my hands. The only positive qualities about this foundation is the foundation doesn’t have a scent which is good, and the gold packaging pretty is really. I’ll probably wear this throughout the Summer, since I don’t like to let my makeup collect dust, but this foundation isn’t one of my go to products.

Creates an invisible; netted shield that behaves such as a “second skin”. Protects your skin underneath from environmental assaults such as: smoke, air pollution, climatic instability. New technology and natural science create customized treatment! JAFRA DYNAMICS mixes advanced, mutifunctional ingredients with Ayurveda, a decades-old herbal research known for repairing the body’s tranquility with nature through sensory encounters that enhance a person’s beauty. The effect is four Smart Complexes exclusive to Jafra. Each Smart Complex knows exactly what your skin must look and feel its most beautiful. Your skin gets smart, customized care. And you enjoy a sensory delight of fresh aromas and welcoming textures produced from nature.