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Domain Purchasing Benefits From GoDaddy

GoDaddy IS AMONG THE Biggest Domain Registrar. Which OFFERS Domain Name Registration Along With A LOT MORE Other Services Like Web Hosting Services, Email Services Etc. IT OFFERS Many More Awesome Features And Offers. It Is Easy To Get WEBSITE NAME From GoDaddy For Bloggers. Because, GoDaddy Is Associated With Blogger. Bloggers Can Buy Domain Name USING THEIR Blogger Dashboard Too. But, Buying WEBSITE NAME From Blogger Dosen’t Provides Free Extra Offers.

7.99/Year. If You Buy Two NAMES OF DOMAIN From GoDaddy. They Will OFFER YOU Bumper Discount. IF YOU Buy WEBSITE NAME From GoDaddy Through Blogger. 10/Year Without Extras. GoDaddy OFFERS Some Free Things Like Free Email Address, Domain Name etc. I Am Going To Write Down 10 Extras Provided By GoDaddy.

Which Is Maybe For A Limited Time. 1. Go To Settings Tab And Basic SubTab Then. Put in a custom domain. 1. It shall OFFER YOU Default WEBSITE NAME. YOU can Type Your Domain Name There And SELECT Check availability Button. 1. If The Desired WEBSITE NAME Is Available. You shall See Web page Like Below Picture.

1. SELECT Continue to sign up Button And Fill Registration Form. Now I Am Going To Describe Extras (Offers). THAT YOU Will Get Free On Purchasing Domain Name From GoDaddy. GoDaddy shall Provide You Website Constructor COST FREE On Purchasing WEBSITE NAME. With Website Builder, You Can Create And Build WEBPAGES Easily.

By Just Choosing A Theme And Your Text. Individualized Email Is Included In Free Extras as well. GoDaddy Will Provide You Free Email Account TOGETHER WITH YOUR Domain Name. Its Great To Have Your Own Personalized EMAIL. GoDaddy OFFERS This Great Offer Free. But On Other Domain Registrar, YOU MUST Buy Email Account Separately. GoDaddy OFFERS Area Forwarding Feature Too as well.

With This Free Service You Can Choose Any Domain And Redirect Any Domain To Your Own Website. For Example: If Anyone, Who Types The Web address Of Your Choose Area Is TAKEN UP TO Your Website Straight. PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST Necessary Feature, Which, GoDaddy Is Providing Is Domain Locking. Domain Locking Feature Prevents From Accidental Or Intentional Transfer Of Domain Ownership And Stops From Redirecting Your NameServers.

For Sale Feature ROCKS!. Because If You Want To Quit Blogging And Want To Sell Your WEBSITE NAME. GoDaddy Provides This Feature Free On Domains Purchase And They shall ASSIST YOU IN Offering Your Domain Name. ALLOW global world Know With This Pre-Built Web Page. ALSO, THEY ARE Providing Photo Sharing Feature With Domain Purchase. You Can Upload Your Photos To Online Album, Provided By GoDaddy.

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They MAY ALSO BE Providing Password Protection For Your Photos. If You Want That Everyone CAN EASILY SEE Your Pictures Without Password Protection. Then, Don’t Worry. Because, Password Protection Is Optional. GoDaddy Provides You Full Control On Your DNS. You Yourself Can Manage Domain NameServer Records And Can Set Your Email, FTP, SubDomain And Website Location EMPLOYING THIS Feature. You Don’t Need To Worry.

If The Date Of Renewing Your Domain Name Is Expired. This Feature Keeps Your Domain, Hosting, Website Builders And Other Products INSIDE YOUR Name And Under Your Control. GoDaddy OFFERS YOU, Step By Step Instructions To STARTING OUT Your Business Or Your Personal Website In Less Time. This Will Save Your Publish and Time Your Website In Less Time. This Feature Allows You To Monitor Your Domain And You Will Get Instant Alert. If There’s Been A Change. Hope You Liked It. Join And Subscribe MBS.