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Ageless Beauty, Timeless Skin

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There is a misconception that essential oil in products (moisturizers) is a bad thing. I disagree. Oil-free products have to include fillers and emollients to make their product easy and spreadable. If something isn’t using oil(s), it is probably using synthetic, nonnutritive ingredients to replace natural oils. High-quality, vegetable (vegetable) oils are not harmful for an oilier type of skin; petroleum-derived natural oils, like mineral essential oil, probably are.

Please, do not timid from using “oil” in your moisturizers if you have greasy or normal to greasy/combination epidermis. If the product is made for your skin type, you should be as long as it is a quality product fine-as. As I’ve talked about in this blog, cheaper products with cheap ingredients (like mineral oil) are probably not going to work well if you have problem skin. This is a short list of oils that can be found in moisturizers. These oils (vegetable and other) are preferable to mineral oil or petroleum produced ingredients.

This list is not every oil that’s available, but it gives you something to equate to the products you are using. Just because you are using a moisturizer with a number of of the oils in it doesn’t mean it will grow to be a great product for you. But if you find your creams have mineral oil or petroleum listed as the main ingredient, I would opt for a moisturizer that included more organic, “natural” substances, and veggie oils such as those in this list. Please, be aware: If you have internal allergies (food allergies) to the above, probably they will not make good ingredients in a topical skin care product-for you. What do these mean?

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