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NEW’ Button On UNDERNEATH Toolbar

Prior, to this revise, all backend services were written in NodeJS which really is a fantastic platform, but it can feel a little alien to a lot of.Net developers to build up server-side code in JavaScript. We’ll look at creating a fresh service using the new Web API backend, download the ongoing service template and see what’s within.

NEW’ button on the bottom toolbar. 6. Finally we will have our newly created service detailed in the ‘MOBILE SERVICES’ tabs. We no longer have ‘DATA’ and ‘API’ tabs. In the Node.js (top) service, we can go into the ‘DATA’ tabs, create dining tables, and customize their REST API scripts; we can also go and create our very own bespoke REST API scripts in the API tabs. These customisations can be done in the portal directly with the JavaScript editor and be live immediately (they can also be pulled and improved locally using Git). Our new Web API doesn’t have these tabs as all these API customization are done locally, compiled and published then.

The huge difference is the Node.js script is interpreted at runtime and the Web API code is compiled. If we look at the ‘CONFIGURE’ tab, we see ‘source control’ ‘dynamic schema’ and ‘cross-origin resource posting (cors)’ is missing. Node.js services can use Git source control to manage service scripts, financial firms not needed for Web API even as we post directly to the ongoing service from visual studio room.

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  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or better
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This is an extremely nice feature of Node.js services; whereby you can create typed models in your apps, then as the assistance discover them through table APIs, it adjusts the data source schema to match dynamically. Browser security stops pages making AJAX requests to hosts apart from to its originating host.

The Cross Origin Site Scripting (CORS) configurations in the Node.js service gives you to add respected domains for you service. Web API 2 gives you to regulate this in the code yourself. The features on these properties help Entity framework build the table schema from the model. We have a ‘TodoItems’ property for being able to access the ‘TodoItem’ desk and an overridden ‘OnModelCreating’ method which tell EF how to build the model.

The controller implements the ‘TableController’ bottom course which itself produced from TableController and APIController and enforces the techniques necessary to make a Mobile Service Table API. The EntityDomainManager handles usage of the EF database context. This consists of code to bootstrap the Web API Entity and service Platform. We can see by default database initialized class derives from DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges which is someone to be cautious of as your database will be dropped and recreated if the model changes, losing all your data! There are always a true variety of other data source initialisers available. The ‘SampleJob’ class shows us how to create a job that can be run on demand or on a schedule.

I think this is a really interesting addition to Windows Azure Mobile Services, it’ll improve the development experience for greatly.Net developers by offering a familiar technology to create back-end services with. Because we now full control of the data source using Entity Framework, we can easily create a relational database schema, which was previously unsupported.

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