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Anneliese became a member of the Capitalize for Kids team after spending six years at York University providing Knowledge Translation services to a pan-Canadian Federally funded Network of Centers of Excellence called Kids Brain Health Network. Through these services, Anneliese provided research groups and their industry and community partners with the various tools, skills, coaching, and hands-on support to increase the impact of their research projects for culture. The “Guide of Guides” series she co-authored has been named much-needed resources, with thousands of views online. Anneliese also supported KBHN’s tactical planning process by conducting an in-depth needs evaluation and prioritization task with its diverse stakeholders across Canada.

In a prior role, as project manager for the National Collaborating Center for Infectious Diseases, she facilitated nationwide stakeholder consultations and designed and developed stakeholder- and evidence-informed products and tools to boost public health practice and plan. Anneliese completed her PhD in Social Science at McMaster University, and a concurrent diploma program in Health Policy and Services Research through McMaster’s Ontario Training Center.

Anneliese’s PhD research explored the issues of decision-making within organizations that must incorporate different kinds of academic and non-academic resources of information (e.g. financial, environmental, specialized, regulatory) as well as stakeholder insight. Anneliese completed her MA in Health Geography at McMaster University, where she analyzed the interactions between neighborhood conditions and health. She earned a BA in Geography from the University of Western Ontario. She continues to move forward her knowledge through ongoing education.

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