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Princess Antimony’s Makeup Castle

Princess Antimony's Makeup Castle 1

So, I’m back again after a protracted break. I didn’t know it would take such a long time. In fact, A look had been prepared by me, but it didn’t turn out the way I needed it to. I have already been wearing makeup but only neutrals as that’s what I’ve acquired time for while getting ready to go to grad college.

Yesterday, I again didn’t have enough time, but I compelled myself to perk up and create some kind of decent look. Here’s what I got. I used the red and gold from the Avon Go Glam COLOR SCHEME, Avon’s Mega Impact Eye Liner in Black Flash, and Avon’s Ultra Luxury Eye Liner in Black.

In retrospect, I could’ve made the liner on the upper lashline neater, but I was in a rush, and now that I look back, I love the range quite. To enhance the gold in the inner corner a little and add some color to the lower lash line, I used three colors from the Coastal Scents Metal Mania Palette.

8.88 for only 8 hours on 8/8/12. The sale was prolonged to 8:00 a.m. The website was so sluggish that I got three computer systems on, seeking to see which one would get me to checkout the fastest. I’m really getting excited about using these colors in the future. A lady looked at my makeup and explained, “I love your eye! Do you do makeup for a full-time income? Are those MAC?” Many thanks, no, and Avon. Indeed they do, and I could testify to the awesomeness of Avon. They have great-quality products at great prices. I love their eyeliners and am falling deeply in love with their eyeshadows as I am more acquainted with them.

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  • Sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate
  • Keep Cup
  • Noticeable clearer epidermis, especially around my nose
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  • Warranty and Guarantee

Now that I’m starting grad college, I’m uncertain how much time I’ll have on my hands for this blog (though, ironically, I’m going to be wearing makeup more regularly), so there may be some gaps in between posts. But for the most part, I’ll try my hardest to post a look at least once weekly. I love makeup too much to stop doing it, and I really like discussing it on this blog.

My skin is really moisturized even after washing my face each day and several washes after. Doesn’t break me out. It’s an anti-wrinkle product! Good for people who need to have fine lines as well as those who wish to prevent it – like me! Helps protect your skin layer with SPF 15. Sun damage is one of things that damages your skin and causes premature aging and overtime, wrinkles. Comes in an elegant cup tub.