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Sanye’s Investment Portfolio

Sanye's Investment Portfolio 1

At the start of October, someone speculated if there would be a big plunge of share prices in this month, in Oct in the annals as there had been similar occurrences. Fortunately, nothing serious happened. It was a quite month for collateral market This. Investors may be looking forward to the result of the US presidential election.

The daily price movement of stock prices has been sluggish. My profile does slightly better. Its value rose 0.25% in the month. I didn’t buy any stock as I used to be busy with might work (perhaps also waiting around at the sideline). This month I did not participate in the IPOs. Going forward, I will continue steadily to build-up my cash portion to check out good investment opportunities.

Waiting may be the game plan at this moment. October 2012 Here are the top 30 holding as at 31. Very little movement within, except at the bottom of the table. Yangzijiang dropped off credited to price drop, Sing Inv price slipped after XR. This two were replaced by Transpac and Cambridge.

7 Understand when the marketplace is providing you a good deal and learn when it’s okay to put fear apart. 8 There is absolutely no need to buy IPOs right away – if an organization is excellent you can wait a couple of years before you get any shares but still make a lot of money. If an ongoing company has true and sustainable stamina time will be the judge. 9 Struggling companies with solid fundamentals find their way eventually. You have to have the tolerance to see things through just. This is why diversification is so important.

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Just as important as having the tolerance to ride the fluctuations of the market. I am speaking about a business that truly has sales, profits, profit the lender, justifiable debts (if any) but may be going through issues -organized or elsewhere – that may be having a direct effect in the stock price. Also, remember that sometimes it is also okay to move on as long as you understand that whatever happens in the foreseeable future is something no one really knows for sure. And there you have it! I am curious – if you currently invest, what’s the best investing lesson(s) you’ve personally learned since you started participating in the stock market?

A mental revolution among the employees is required for the execution of TQM. However, such change in the mental make-up of employees and managers requires a long period. This suggests that TQM is a gradual process. There are, in reality, four broad stages in the launch of TQM. Focus on customers: Customers will be the way to obtain all the income that flows through the organization.

Their satisfaction keeps the money moving especially in an open up market where competition is wooing them too. The concentrate of TQM is on customer satisfaction on quality, cost, and delivery through improved organizational quality of processes. According to British Quality Association (BQA), TQM is a corporate business management philosophy which recognizes that customers’ needs and business goals are inseparable.

Employee participation: Employee’s involvement is the most crucial recognized feature of TQM. In fact, the quality’s a team work of most employees. Their involvement and co-operation must be used at all known levels. TQM is possible only through participative management. Under TQM, employees will be motivated to participate actively in the process of quality improvement through bonuses and reputation of contribution for attaining quality standards. Formation of quality improvement groups: A cornerstone of TQM is the team development that leads to a commitment to improvement. Such teams include quality steering groups, corrective actions groups and so forth.

Such teams motivate employees and facilitate quality improvement. Management’s involvement: TQM is a systems approach in managing the business and enhancing overall performance. It requires total dedication from the very best management to provide practical leadership to the whole strategy. Top-level management has to take a variety of initiatives in order to start the procedure of TQM.