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VIX And More

VIX And More 1

Investors who are looking to increase their contact with equities have a variety of methods for identifying when to look long the market. During the period of the past few days, I have organized a sector-based method of thinking about the current market situation. The first factor should concern the structural integrity of our economic climate.

Simply stated, if you don’t think that our largest & most important financial institutions stand on solid surface, then it is hard to make any full case for being long equities. In Recent Investment Bank Performance, I made the situation for a bottom in the investment banks stock performance last week marking a bottom in investor confidence in the economic climate all together.

With a sense of self-confidence in the financial foundation, yesterday I transformed my focus on the Rally in Homebuilders. This sector has been at the guts of the subprime fiasco and is also an important barometer for from foreclosure activity, to provide and demand imbalances in the housing marketplace, to the true estate component of household wealth.

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Perhaps more importantly, building permits are a watched leading indicator of future economic activity widely. Taking a look at yesterday’s chart, it is simple to make the case that the homebuilders, like the investment banks, have bottomed also. The aforementioned notwithstanding, it is still possible to truly have a persistent financial crisis and bear market even if the finance institutions and real estate sectors are back on their feet. The critical sector to watch to determine whether the economic patient is merely steady or is on the road to recovery is, in my opinion, the consumer discretionary sector.

This sector comes with an ETF (XLY) where top five holdings are the loves of McDonalds (MCD), Comcast (CMCSA), Walt Disney (DIS), Time Warner (TWX), and Home Depot (HD). The consumer discretionary sector retains the main element to identifying how fearful citizens are about the future and how ready they may be to spend the discretionary income in the face of that uncertainty. The graph below shows that unlike the investment banking institutions and the homebuilders, the buyer discretionary sector have not had much of a bounce off of the recent bottom. Instead, we’ve seen more of a consolidation pattern. Day moving average As the index happens to be trading above the 50, it would be difficult to make a case for the XLY as being in a bullish mode until it closes above the 33 level reached a month ago.

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