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Makeup Trends 2019 Will Include A GO BACK TO Matte Skin And Color-Blocking

Makeup Trends 2019 Will Include A GO BACK TO Matte Skin And Color-Blocking 1

If 2018 beauty tendencies were all about excess, then makeup trends for 2019 is a lesson in heading back to basics. This year, with inspiration from both the runways and pros like Dior makeup artist Ricky Wilson, three very specific looks ransacked our Instagram Pinterest and feeds planks. First, we got ample use out of our liquid liner by trying all sorts of colorful graphic eyeliner looks. According to Wilson, the best way to pull this off is by tracing it with a natural powder brow pencil first and then covering with the liquid liner.

Our new beauty tale in @glamourspain October issue. He also says that sunset-colored eyelids-a look that embodies aspect and older-were a regular request in his makeup chair. “Before I begin to build it,” he says, “I love to create a clean of smudged eyeliner along the lash foundation covering the lid.

Then I cover the liner with different tones of orange, platinum, copper, and rust. And finally, who could forget the K-beauty-inspired mirror (or glass) skin trend that inspired us to lessen on the foundation and instead mix a small dollop with glow serums? Quite simply, we wished dewy skin by any means necessary. Right now, his go-to is the new Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation, which actually don’t strike stores until the following month, but comes in both skin and matte glow surface finishes. “Finished. I love most about the matte could it be looks flawless rather than dry or old school.

It is also filled with skin-care benefits, so the skin looks healthy when it’s worn. A must-have in my package,” he says. As as the eye are worried much, expect a far more subdued version of the graphic liner trend. Of using liner to make interesting designs Instead, be doing that with shadow we’ll.

And rather than darker, bolder hues, it’ll become more pastel and candy-colored variants. “It’s rather a wash of green on the lid with pink shadow under the eyes. Or a soft yellow lid with a pastel orange or green on the lower lash line to make a dramatic effect,” says Wilson. Last, though we question lip plumpers anywhere are going, makeup artists will be using color instead to produce the illusion of a bigger pout. “Nearly an oboe but creating volume on underneath the lip have become an emerging trend,” says Wilson.

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