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• “How Will I Remember all the Points”. Remember that success has to be backed by hard perseverance and work. You might forget, but every time you read and answer again, it only gets re-enforced in your thoughts and things start to fall in place on their own when you enter the examination hall. Also Business Studies is a topic where sometimes simple good sense can replace a temporary storage lapse.

So trust your capability to believe sensibly, nor lose heart. Through the reading time of a quarter-hour, browse the question paper and check out the marks assigned to each question carefully. Plan and organize your answers in your mind. Make an effort to write headings given in N.C.E.R.T or as given by the instructor. Leave time for revision.

Read the questions thoroughly before answering. Leave the relevant questions you are uncertain about for the end. Start the answer from the extract given in the relevant question for clearness. Follow the correct sequence. Ans: Yes, I concur that Directing is the center of the management process. Distinguish’ or ‘Differentiate’ questions should always be written in tabular form preferably with basis column.

· Do write question amount clearly and purely tallying with the question paper. · Follow a serial order. You may even follow the reverse order i.e. attempt 6 first marks questions, 5 then, 4, 3, and 1 markers. · In the event that you write down the real points after learning you will maintain better. · Start your studies well beforehand, moving from easy to difficult concepts. A thorough base makes it easier to assimilate information ·. Jumping immediately to processes and applications because they carry more marks might not be fruitful if you are confused about basic concepts. · Acronyms might be used to make learning easier. · Jot down the primary points on separate sheets and go through those rather than the whole book.

One, the simplest way to be granted business credit by any seller with out a personal warranty is by establishing your business credit report. By demonstrating an optimistic business payment background and steady cash flow, you can increase the likelihood of being granted business credit without a personal guarantee. What does the credit crunch do? Can you obtain a business loan after personal bankruptcy? How does a person with bad credit get a business loan?

If your personal credit is totally distinct from your business credit, you can increase your chances of getting a business loan. Does Chase offer both personal and business credit cards? Can business personal credit card debt affect my personal credit credit card balance? A business personal credit card debt can affect someone’s personal credit cards rating. A credit report for an individual is prepared by the activity of one’s overall credit. Which means that having debts for a business credit card can hurt a person’s chances of getting lower interest for a home loan. What happens in a Formula One pit stop?

  • High Yield Investment strategies
  • Calculate Contribution Margin Ratio for the Entire Business
  • Document requirements
  • The prescribed sign up fee of Five Thousand Pesos (Php5,000.00)

Turns out they’ve done a better job than the majority of us inflation hawks thought. I’m not prepared to disappointed my safeguard, however, so I continue to get worried that the Fed shall fall behind the curve and allow inflation stresses to build. The guidelines of the overall game have changed meaningfully in the past several months, as oil prices have fallen precipitously and the November elections revealed deep-seated concerns among the electorate about an overbearing government and suffocating regulations and tax burdens.

Both advancements could finish up giving us more growth and more optimism as time passes. Oil very expensive half a year was back, and now-in inflation-adjusted terms-it is very near to its long-term average price (see chart below). This is likely to liberate a lot of economic activity around the globe, bringing with it more confidence in the future. However, as I argued last March, “the come back of confidence is the Fed’s most severe problem,” since it would decrease the demand for the money at a time when the Fed is still providing plenty from it.

Whether the Fed can react in a well-timed fashion to an urgent decline in the demand for money remains the most crucial unknown factors for investors. Year in a row For the seventh, I think cash shall end up being an unattractive investment. The yield on cash is still very poor set alongside the yields and potential returns on most other investments.