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7 Tips For OWNING A Successful SOCIAL MEDIA Campaign

In today’s digital world, the public press is a staple technique within most marketing strategies, with 92% of companies considering sociable media very important to their business. But as a broadly followed strategy, many brands and marketers are finding it more challenging than to stick out in news feeds ever, grow their follower base, and maintain or increase engagement. Of course, recent system tweaks targeted at improving the user experience have tossed a wrench into the combine, too.

If you’re nodding your mind in agreement, it could be time to obtain additional creative and deliberate with your social media marketing strategy. By designing and launching a unique social media marketing campaign or contest to liven things up. Social media contests and campaigns are targeted events or promotions that have a specific focus and goal and are integrated into your overall social media marketing strategy. For me personally, some well-known good examples that come to the brain will are the ALS Glaciers Bucket Dove and Challenge multi-faceted Real Beauty marketing campaign.

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So, if you believe a social mass media marketing campaign or contest is an excellent next thing for your marketing efforts, consider a few of the following tips to help some success is available by you. 1 – Create an in depth campaign strategy. Taking the time to generate and record your marketing campaign strategy shall help you think critically about your marketing campaign goals, how you’ll execute techniques, and how you’ll measure success.

In addition, your strategy can be used as a useful guide to keep you on the right track throughout the life of the marketing campaign. Who’s my audience? Any kind of pain factors I’m trying to address? What is my campaign goal? What do I’d like my target audience to do? Which social networks are the best fit because of this competition or marketing campaign? Which social platforms will be the best match for reaching my audience and my campaign goals? What methods will I use to execute my advertising campaign?

Which of my own team members will play a role in this initiative? Who is responsible for executing each part of the campaign? How will this campaign match my overall social media marketing strategy? How am I going to measure success? 2 – Offer something of value. People need reasonable to give consideration and take part in your advertising campaign or competition. Special discounts and giveaways are powerful motivators certainly. For example, TopRank Marketing client Welter Heating, a family-owned HVAC company, put on a social media trivia contest, with the prize being sets of four front-row tickets to an upcoming baseball game. The target was to drive social understanding, and engagement, as well as website traffic.

Calls for entries were posted on the main social press pages and a little budget was assigned to sponsored Facebook posts. In the end, we saw a 166% upsurge in overall website traffic when compared with the same period the previous year. The contest even generated a couple calls for service. But it’s important to notice that your offer doesn’t have to begin and end with a very important prize.