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Be The Beautiful One: January 2019

Be The Beautiful One: January 2019 1

There continues to be more than half months to go before Valentine’s Day, but you have already started to think about your makeup look for this big day with your loved one. What’s your first priority when preparing yourself? Eyesight contact is powerful in forming a romantic relationship with others always. We avoid looking at another person in elevators or when driving, but most of us like to look at the one we love.

Beautiful eyes help make you warm, confident, and likable. Have a look at how to get ready glamorous eyes when happening a romantic date with your Valentine or Valentine-to-be. Save your eyes from smartphone strain! Yes, using boiled eggs can be an extremely old idea… but time will inform whether it works or not!

While cool therapy instantly relieves minor eye strain, the warm compress is a long-term way to relax the muscles around your eyes. February Seize your opportunity to apply this heat therapy before 14th. Step 1 1. Boil two eggs until hard. Step two 2. Crack the eggs and wrap them with wet cloths. Step three 3. Apply the cloths to eyes, moving and rubbing them around until the eggs cool down.

Let him consider your eyes and admire their beauty on this special day. Put away your luxurious makeup and reveal a clear, real face for him. A brand-new face is however you like always and a natural look shall be ideal for meeting your lover. I recommend colors that bring out the natural glow of your eyes. You need LUNASOL Petal Pure Eyes that creates brightness, clarity, and softness.

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Let your eye glow using their own inherent beauty. You may put away your glamorous makeup, leaving a 100 % pure, clear face. Dark circles, puffy eyes, and fine lines are our enemies. I guess many girls have difficulty in choosing an ideal eye care product. Yet, I am not going to recommend the best attention cream here. I am trying “Gua Sha” Lately, a very traditional Chinese treatment that makes use of a set, horn-shaped jade tool to scrap on the skin of your face. I am fascinated by the benefits of Gua Sha! It really is believed to stimulate blood circulation, even fine lines and lines and wrinkles, plump and tighten up the skin, thus improving dark circles and puffiness. They sound amazing right?

I feel refreshed and my vision cream absorbs easily and completely after Gua Sha (I hate having oily eyes cream on my eyes pores and skin). Be mild on your skin when accomplishing this traditional treatment. When doing Gua Sha, you will need a face-essential oil. Melvita has great face oils (even though you don’t want to work on Gua Sha). Melvita Avocado Oil contains 100% natural ingredients. It gives smoothing effect to the eye contour while regenerating and fixing skin. I love to put oil on eye skin and surprisingly, it can absorb well.