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Storm Free Weekend?

Storm Free Weekend? 1

I actually cannot stand thunderstorms. Ever since I got about four or five 5 years old and got stuck at an amusement park in an extremely bad thunderstorm, I’ve been scared of these. Almost every nighttime this week we’ve received bad thunderstorms, and obviously that’s not about to stop. It’s sunny out right now so I’m wanting it continues to stay that way throughout the day and the weekend! Other than the crazy storms, I am busy reviewing a bunch of new items including three new matte liquid lipsticks that are brand new from an Amazon vendor.

They asked that I really do not talk about pictures in their current presentation because they will be upgrading soon, however the colors I acquired are gorgeous! The formulation is uniformly perfect plus they apply, and I’m just in love with them! I’m going to be doing a review for the kids sometime soon. They aren’t by any brand yet, but the seller’s name on Amazon is Radiant Complex, and the color set I acquired was the neutrals. I have some more water lipsticks to arrive soon, which include two of the four new Colourpop Ultra Metallic puppies!

I wish I could’ve obtained all four, but two of these were sold out by enough time I was able to buy them, and they were the two I wanted the most. I’m so unhappy about this, but I’m hoping to get both lacking colors sometime in the future therefore I can have the entire set.

I can’t hold out to get those and review them! I’m also still ready on my delivery from whoisshecosmetics which include four tones of their lip composites. Those are also some products, I must say I can’t wait to try out and review! I’ve heard such good stuff about them through Instagram makeup lovers like myself, and with the colors look as amazing as they certainly I simply possessed to get them!

I’ll be obtaining a new set of oval makeup brushes sometime today I really believe. I’ll be posting pictures of these through to Instagram, and I might make a couple short demonstration videos to show on there, too. Which will probably happen over the weekend, since I’ll have my makeup done before I open the deal today. I believe that’s everything up to date so far! Prevent your fingers crossed for me personally that these thunder storms are done! We usually grill out for supper on Sundays during the summer season, so I don’t want a storm to wreck those plans! I hope everyone fellas are experiencing much better weather than I have already been! I want to know in the responses if you have any questions that I can answer for you or simply general responses! Feel absolve to check out my previous reviews if you haven’t already, too!

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