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By Using This Double Cleansing Routine

By Using This Double Cleansing Routine 1

It’s important to care for your skin since from young ages. Full skin care program is very had a need to get a healthy and beautiful pores and skin. Many people have different skin care routine to take care of their skin, depend on their skin problems. However, from many steps of skincare, there’s one most significant step that can not be missed.

Cleansing more regularly regarded as a not necessarily important part of skincare routines. People will be more concentrated on serum or cream usage Usually. They believe that applying skincare is the key to obtain a beautiful skin, but it’s not. Cleansing is the most important step, that is why it always be the first step on skincare routine.

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Applying skin care on a dirty epidermis, only make your skin layer worse. No matter what, be sure you have a very clean epidermis before beginning to use your skin layer care. To get a clean pores and skin, you can’t just clean it with a cosmetic foam. Especially after using constitute. You need to clean it with a few steps of cleanser (known as double cleansing) before start applying skin care. This is a good example of double cleansing that I really do everyday, with the best cleansing products.

You can neglect this task of you do not use any makeup on that day. However, if you wear a makeup, this step is actually important to do. A simple cleanser will not clean your makeup properly. You should employ a makeup remover that contains a particular ingredients to completely clean your makeup, even if it’s waterproof type.

I like to use Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover because of this step, because unlike another makeup remover, the formula is very gently and clean my eye makeup perfectly. Before wash your face, you need to completely clean the whole face with a “special” cleanser. Regardless of you’re wearing makeup or not, this step is a must things to do.

Nowadays, there are several type of cleanser such as cleaning oil, cleansing drinking water, or cleansing balm. You should use any type of cleanser based on what you need. If you have a dry skin type, you might like to use purifying essential oil. If you have an oily skin type However, you might want to use cleansing water that contains no oil. Personally, I choose to use cleansing water instead if cleansing oil, even though I have a dry type of skin. Because if I use cleansing oil as a cleanser, Personally I think my face is very greasy, and I didn’t think it’s a good idea to have an oily face after cleansing.

For this step, I choose to use cleansing drinking water from Laneige. I love this cleaning drinking water because it clean my face perfectly really. And like other Laniege’s products, this cleanser has a gently formula with a soft smell which makes me feel relax after using it. Well, I think everyone can do this task because generally this task known as the only way to clean that person.