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Ethereum Vs Ripple/XRP Which One Is AN IMPROVED Investment For 2019?

Ethereum Vs Ripple/XRP Which One Is AN IMPROVED Investment For 2019? 1

Ethereum and Ripple/XRP are both great investments, they have both kept the Number 2 place behind Bitcoin in terms of market capitalisation plus they also have working products. Now to answer fully the question about which one is the better product, first we should go through the advantages of both cryptocurrencies as well as looking at a third option. Ethereum is a blockchain based development system that enables the deployment of decentralised applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

The most well known use of Ethereum’s smart contract feature is crowdfunding through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s), with hundreds of multi-million money ICO’s having taken place on the Ethereum blockchain. These ICO’s lead to the birth of new cryptocurrencies designed to use Ether (ETH) to pay for transaction fees, increasing demand for Ethereum’s cryptocurrency. You have a formula for wide demand and adoption of the ETH cryptocurrency, on top of that Ethereum has the first mover advantage for it’s use case, it’s the most well respected and known blockchain development system. Transactions cost 0.00001 XRP (10 drops). I won’t even bother converting this into USD or GBP since the cost is so small it won’t be well worth enough time.

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It’s basically a little fraction of a cent. Commercial product that allows banks to use XRP to transfer money internationally, taking benefit of XRP’s low costs and high rates of speed. With xRapid banking institutions won’t need to undergo exchanges and personal wallets to access XRP’s benefits. Enables banking institutions to transfer money globally whilst being able to monitor how and where it goes.

Just think about, XRP has been a Top 5 coin since it’s release and preserved that position for over 5 years. 1.1m marketcap) in 1st place. We have looked at Ethereum (Blockchain development/ICO platform) and XRP (Ultra-cheap, ultra-fast transactions), we have a cryptocurrency that does both now. The Stellar Network also functions as a decentralized, distributed exchange where any kind of asset can be traded so long as it’s been added to the Stelalr network.

For example if John wished to transfer GBP to Amy, but John only has USD, an offer is submitted the distributed exchange selling USD for GBP. This offer forms an order publication. The order is utilized by The Stellar network book to find the best exchange rate for this transaction, which will reduce the fee paid by a user.

Ethereum and Ripple are both good investment options, both have working products, strong groups, strong partnerships, alliances and particular foundations. They have also outlived many cryptocurrencies and kept Top 5 positions when it comes to overall market capitalisation (or total value of the cryptocurrency). In terms which is the better investment? I would suggest investing in both, these are two completely different cryptocurrencies with different goals, different teams and various partners.