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Diary OF YOUR Anxious White Mormon Virgin

Diary OF YOUR Anxious White Mormon Virgin 1

Imagine you crash land on a new and unexplored globe that occurs to be inhabited with a human-like race of people. Now suppose you are able to move included in this without being recognized. You blend in, learn their customs, and begin to try and assimilate to their world. But after a while you start to realize that this is proving almost impossible.

This is often how Personally i think in this world. Maybe there is certainly something to them. But recently a friend of mine introduced me alive Colors. In essence, a life color is the Aura or field of light that surrounds one’s body. Everyone has one, as well as your Aura can range in color from black to crystal.

The color of your Aura is kind of a “tell” about you and your inherent nature. Think of it like the Color Code Personality, only a lot more comprehensive. I have no idea how, but this close friend of mine could determine my color. I am a Crystal Apparently, the rarest of all the Life Colors (well hibbidy biddy).

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I decided to do a little research on the problem, and found the blog embedded in the word “Crystal” at the start of this paragraph. You have a big heart and care very much for the social people in your life. Romantic relationships can often be hard for you, though you very much want to find that person even.

You are prone to occasional medical issues and should take the time to get proper nourishment and rest. You might at times feel discouraged about life, nevertheless, you find great comfort and power from those inside your group of trust; in this real way, friends will be playing a critical role in your daily life.

How I am doing so far? See why? While some of the materials in the Crystal clarification could be employed to many of the populace, there are some items that get freaky specific. Let me give you a quick list of the plain things that I thought were dead on. Can’t I just be like the rest of you guys?