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S/4 HANA Business Partner – Partner Function Vs Partner Relationships

S/4 HANA Business Partner - Partner Function Vs Partner Relationships 1

In S/4 HANA, the Business Partner (BP) model integrates the customer expert and vendor grasp data under the Partner umbrella. Thus giving the benefit of using the BP model for both customer romantic relationship management and the ECC partner function features for transactions. THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Partner model is from SAP CRM whilst the client Master & Vendor Master model is from ECC. The integration allows for carrying out both CRM and ECC related activities in a single system.

One feature that is interesting to notice is the Partner Functions and Partner Relationships. In S/4 HANA Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) the CRM business partner model is combined with the customer/vendor master model of ECC. With this document I’d like to provide some general information on the partner romantic relationship and the partner functions that may come in handy when looking for data in the system and choosing one on the other depending on your requirement.

This is due to the SAP CRM Business Partner Model where a partner relationship is established between two Business Partners based on confirmed criteria. A very common romantic relationship in BP is Contact Persons (CP). The desk TBZ9 and TBZ9A contain the list of partner romantic relationships configured for BP. Pick the required partner relationship from the partnership categories list.

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Then assign the corresponding partner ID in the partnership field as shown in Fig 4 below. The partner romantic relationship definition screen shall appear to be the main one shown below. Any additional options based on the contact person can be added in this screen before saving the info. The partner Functions on the other hand is defined specific to Vendor or Customer level that is specific to the role of the partner i.e. Customer or Vendor. In the below example a partner function assignment for the TEST PARTNER created as a customer is shown. There are several variations between Partner and Relationship Function. An integral distinction is that the partnership is in addition to the Partner’s setup as a customer or vendor.

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