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Change can bring cruel unintended consequences. Such is the case in Alaska right now, as a complete result of activities used eight years. Take a look at this recent news story please remember days gone by the history of Alaska’s pension fund changes, as provided by the National Institute on Retirement Security. Here’s the quick skinny on the problem that is unleashed as a result of converting DB programs to DC plans.

In 2008, the Alaskan state legislature ended the utilization of defined-benefit programs for new state educators and employees. It retained the program for existing employees but agreed to grab the tab because of their benefit promises. Usually, an ever-growing base of new employees helps support a shrinking band of retirees with their contributions into the system and the investment profits those contributions create. Everything was good in 2005, when 9,000 retired teachers and beneficiaries received their obligations, and the constant state collected efforts from 9,700 active teachers.

Fast forward to 2013 and the figures got flipped. Some 11,705 retired teachers and beneficiaries were being backed by contributions from just 6,532 active educators. The same thing had happened with state employees. In 2005 nearly 21, 000 retired employees were backed by investment property and contributions from 33,700 active employees. By 2013, there were nearly 30, 000 retired employees, and beneficiaries with only 21,000 active members. Both pension money was 60 percent funded roughly. Not good, however, not horrible, and certainly in a position for recovery. The 17,500 employees hired by Alaska who have contributed to that recovery were no longer adding to the DB plans because they’d been enrolled in defined-contribution plans.

12.4 billion contribution to meet benefits it acquired guaranteed to the employees who have been still in the described benefit plan. Notify Alaskan towns and counties that they can be required to pay servings of the excellent liabilities. Based on the latter, the state and its own cities will probably now be engaging in many years of litigation over the state’s mandated unfunded liability, adding even more costs to the original decision to end defined-benefit plans. The state’s failed plan has been pushed to local taxpayers. We in Texas have been successful at convincing state lawmakers that switching to DC programs is a large fiscal mistake.

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Why do we pay certain employees so much? Duh, because they make us a heck of big money! Sure, which may be true, but I guess that’s insufficient. When a team of 5 salespersons earn you 7 million, you may pay them 100k each. However, when a team of 5 consultants, security, or attorneys analysts enables you to 7 million, you often end up paying them 1 million each! And why do we do this!

Perhaps because their skills are more specialized and scarce and if they go out of the door we’d have trouble changing them…? Sure, which may be true, but I guess that’s not enough either. But the consultants, security, and attorneys analysts do. They are able to take their Rolodex just, their files, their clientele and expertise with them, and stroll into the office and payroll of our competitor, and earn them the same 7 million, right?