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And Debt: THE EXPENSES Of Child Beauty Pageants

And Debt: THE EXPENSES Of Child Beauty Pageants 1

Is your adorable child ready for the spotlight? Pageant life is for you Perhaps. Be forewarned, though, that the entire costs of the beauty contests can be unpleasant downright. With so much to buy, you merely might tell you savings and borrow the right path to the crown. Get the latest information, advice, tips, and articles sent to your inbox.

There are two basic types of beauty pageants for children: glitz and natural. View one episode of THE TRAINING Channel’s hit show, Toddlers, and Tiaras and you’ll be immediately familiar with the glitz variety. It’s the greater extreme form. 150) to hide jack-o-lantern smiles. Such glamour doesn’t come cheap. 500, less, per glitz pageant. 3, days 500 or more in preparations for just one big. The good reason for the high cost may become so heavy is the apparatus. “With the glitz, anything goes,” says Poteat.

“Rhinestones, professional hair, and makeup, spray tans, fake nails fast … it adds up. 50 each hour, at least once a week), dance, voice lessons, and travel expenses, and it’s not hard to see how an individual contest can certainly blow out the average family’s budget. Earning can though be addicting. “Once a kid wins a crown or trophy, they’ll again want to do it,” says Poteat.

“They will travel to the pageants every weekend. On the other side of the pageant world are the natural contests. The entire expenditure for kids to take part in them is substantially lower, mainly because there is far less to buy. Most natural pageants don’t permit such artifices as spray wigs and tans. Cosmetics are spare, and clothes come from off the rack often. Lori Lee, from Richlands, N.C., understands both glitz and natural pageants well.

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A former contestant herself, she’s been co-director for the Miss America preliminary circuit and a judge and director for the Miss North Carolina Sweetheart Pageants. She’s also a pageant mother: Her eldest daughter is currently going through the Miss America circuit process. Lee prefers natural pageants, not only for aesthetic and philosophical reasons but financial.

” Lee says of the glitz pageants, that are popular in her city. “I reside in an armed service area, and armed forces parents don’t make big money.” She cites an example of Lisa, a local woman of modest means. 2,600 on her daughter’s dress. I have no basic idea where that money is coming from!

With glitz, you ‘must’ have four jobs to pay for it all! I needed to get her a bigger, better, more expensive dress and almost put myself into debt. I did so myself in – and I make six numbers almost! 80, and you can have her wear a Sunday dress and whatever cute shoes you have in your closet,” says Lee. Still, Lee admits it can overboard be easy to go, even with the naturals.

“I put my oldest in a pageant when she was a child and didn’t put much money involved with it,” says Lee. “But after the first two, I lost my head. I needed to get her a more impressive, better, more expensive dress and nearly put myself into debt. I almost do myself in – and I make six figures! To keep spending down, Poteat suggests parents swap dresses with other parents and understand how to do their children’s locks, makeup and spray tans. Lee also suggests buying a pre-owned outfits on eBay or craigslist.

“Don’t get covered up in the glitz and glamour and feel you need to have the best,” says Lee “You can do it without breaking the lender. You will find loads of mothers who are available the dresses, and you can pay a third the price as new.” For classes and instructors, talk to other parents for help with whose fees are the most fair. Whatever you choose to do, don’t expect to make up the outlay in awards. 1,000. Many pageants do have sponsors, where the top three winners may get a gift card eligible for a free dress, but there are no guarantees your child shall get that far.