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France Tells Internet Service Provider TO GET RID OF Ads Block

France Tells Internet Service Provider TO GET RID OF Ads Block 1

A major French internet provider (ISP) has decided to give up its ad-blocking policy – seen as a swipe against Google – after a minister intervened. Digital Economy minister Fleur Pellerin said she persuaded Absolve to bring back full usage of all content on the internet, including Google advertisements. Free started blocking ads last week when it updated home router software.

It was viewed as forcing Google to pay its fair share to providers. Free has argued in the past that Google will not pay its way when ISPs are compelled to increase investment in working services like YouTube, which take up a lot of bandwidth. Google’s AdServe internet marketing software – which allows online businesses to focus on their audiences in trade for a share of the advertising profits – is utilized on many websites.

The move by Free – France’s second-biggest ISP with more than five million clients – would have cost Google up to one million euros every day, a source informed news agency AFP. Ms. Pellerin said she didn’t have an estimate yet of the financial impact from the fallout. She has scheduled a gathering with Google about Free’s actions. A Free spokeswoman dropped to touch upon the problem. Gove: EU ‘refusing to work out’ on Brexit The EU says there is currently no basis for “meaningful conversations”, but the UK rejects that view. Has US neglected fight against white extremism? Video Could Brexit change the taste of whisky? N. The BBC is not accountable for this content of exterior sites. Read about our approach to exterior linking.

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