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9 Simple Tips For Making An About Us Page For Your Website

For too many online companies the About Us web page is the elephant in the area, and frequently the most uncomfortable thing to write. It’s a shame because analytics often shows the page among the most frequented on any website. Imagine a ceremonial elephant adorned in his embellished mind plate, raising you above your competitors. This may be your About Us web page if you show it the treatment and attention it deserves.

The very good news is your about page doesn’t require several hundred pounds of vegetation on a regular basis, nor is any real need for expensive antique rhinestones there. The bad news is crafting the perfect about page is simpler said than done. Many find it difficult to hit the right balance between selling themselves with their customers and traveling them away with a self-focused strategy, which helps describe why the pages are so often neglected. At Absolute, we’re looking to revamp our entire website over the coming months, and specifically we’ll be focusing our attention on our about page.

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  6. Ensure that brand suggestions are adhered to in all sociable media outreach

Human character dictates that we are and foremost first, concerned with our very own problems. While some of us can provide to volunteer or charity in our spare time, when it comes to looking for products online, we are all about ourselves and just what a brand can do for all of us.

Blog Tyrant is a great example of a blog that is focused on its guests. If this Frank, upfront style doesn’t suit your organization there are more subtle ways to become more customer-orientated. Dedicate your opening phrase(s) to your audience’s difficulties and objectives. You start with the reason they come to your website to begin with is an excellent way to show you have their needs at heart. Inside our case, for example, it might be smart to acknowledge the difficulties marketing managers have in finding a company that combines creativeness with the fundamental technical skills, which can be overlooked sometimes.

State the facts: If you are still finding it hard to strike a happy medium between highlighting your offering points and basic boasting, simply present your readers with the facts then. This may be anything from your client retention rate to the amount of new products you offer every month to the number of awards you’ve collected.

No one can argue with natural figures. When you are thinking of trying out a new hairdresser, dental practitioner, or even a fish and chip shop, you don’t base your decision on what they say about themselves. You use those around you. By including a few glowing (and up-to-date) customer testimonies on your about page, you can create a hub of information. Be sure to include the customer or client’s name and any relevant details that could add credibility to your testimonials. Better still, include photos of your customers, if possible. Everything really helps to build trust in your brand. Include customer-focused accreditation and honors.