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If You Do Follow My Instagram

If You Do Follow My Instagram 1

Super very long time, no talk! I can’t believe I haven’t made a post since October 26 — that’s almost 2 months of no blogging; yikes! I’ve kept up with my Instagram though, so if you don’t already follow me there please do (ValentineKissesBeauty). Life has used me down a far more depressing road as of recently, but I am slowly back again making a come.

If you decide to do follow my Instagram, early in October I then found out that my pit bull terrier then you know, Potter, experienced terminal malignancy. This news emerged only 4 days after consuming a great dane pup, Dexter. I dedicated my time and focus on the canines, especially being unsure of when Potter would pass or if he’d get better.

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About a week later Potter magically in some way improved. And he only improved and similar to himself following that. Day here or there He had a bad, but it was still a lot more good times than bad. He enjoyed walks still, playing outside, car trips, and eating. Work found and I drive a great deal for work also.

I lost a great deal of energy and would fall asleep randomly times during the day and take naps that lasted several hours. I acquired behind on everyday things – like cleaning, laundry, and my blog. I had fashioned to put the blog on hold since it was something I didn’t should do in order for my life to run properly. But I skipped blogging because I’m a makeup girl at heart, which is why I kept up with my Instagram – publishing swatches, pics, etc. normally as I possibly could — which is far less commitment than blogging. Over a week ago Just, Potter passed away.

I was devastated. He’d of been 12 years of age next month and I had formed him since he was just a tiny puppy dog. He was like my child. I am grieving his loss still. I knew it was coming – I just didn’t know when – and honestly, it didn’t make it any easier. He do live WEEKS beyond what the veterinarian said, and I’m beyond thankful for every extra second with him that I was granted. The last 4 times of his life were hard on me; I didn’t have work and barely left his aspect.

He wasn’t doing great on a Sunday morning, and by Monday morning hours he couldn’t walk (would fall over; I had formed to transport him outside). I thought for sure he would pass because the same thing happened to some other dog of mine. But he managed to get through Monday and by Tuesday morning he wished to eat and may suddenly walk again — even run!

It was so complicated, because I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t put him down when he all of a sudden had a lot life back in him. On Wednesday he also was successful, but Thursday is when things took a change for the worse. It was around 7pm. I was given by him a look, a look I’ll remember – a sad, “this is it” look. I stayed by his part, petting him and informing him how much I adored him.

2 and a half hours later he passed away, in my own arms. It was so hard to state goodbye to my best friend, but I understand I provided that dog the best life possible. He was unlike any dog I’ve ever had and I don’t think I’ll ever have a dog like him. Our relationship was one in a trillion. Anyone who understood me and Potter, understood that dog and I liked each other like no other individual/animal bond that they’ve seen.