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About Us

Sandie Richard Sparrow is a 27-year-old wellness centre assistant that delights in cooking, social networks and also strolling. He gets along as well as amazing, yet can additionally be extremely solitary and also a little bit solitary.

He is a Portuguese Buddhist that specifies himself as nonsexual. He has a post-graduate level in medication. He is consumed with movies.

He matured in a functioning course area. After his mommy passed away when he was young, he was elevated by his daddy

Sandie’s buddy is a wellness centre assistant called Samuel Hamilton. They have a really firey relationship. He additionally accompanies Virginia Wolfe as well as Barney Davies. They take pleasure in contributing blood with each other.

Literally, Sandie is somewhat obese yet or else healthy. He is brief with olive skin, red hair and also brownish eyes. He has a nasal twist.