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HEALTHCARE Market And Plan Review

Health care reform will be difficult to do following the November election. I’ve even called it a long-shot. Polls clearly show the voters split between the Democratic and Republican approach to health care reform evenly. I can’t tell you who’ll win the presidency, but I am willing to help make the bold statement that it’ll be a detailed election and neither completely different approach to healthcare reform will love any type of mandate. That will indicate finding common floor between these very different strategies could be more than challenging. But we might have an overview already.

For the Republicans, it gives them a plan that moves away from the third-party employer-based payment system to one of specific responsibility and the guarantee of a far more lively market. For the Democrats, it offers an idea that guarantees everyone will have access to coverage and the funding to get about everyone covered in the short-term.

Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation said the Wyden-Bennett plan could be functional by 2012 and would be budget natural by 2014! In healthcare terms, parting the Red Sea would be a less strenuous accomplishment. The key to the individual-based program’s financing is an employer contribution. Employers would be required to pay taxes based on a sliding level of 3% to 26% of the cost of basic health insurance–tied with their size and income per worker.

2,000 for an employer. Employers who now contribute would be asked to convert their contributions to higher wages during the first 2 yrs and pay the sliding scale taxes later. 12,000 for a couple) for consumer insurance obligations and low-income subsidies would be linked with the lowest cost plan available. Those in SCHIP and Medicaid would be changed into this private system.

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The private insurance sector would clearly have lots more business as they picked up the uninsured and those in these public programs. Just as there is something for everyone to like there is also something for everybody to dislike. Liberals, particularly the unions, will be concerned about moving away from the employer-based system. Liberals may also be concerned about continuing to base the machine on private insurance–particularly the higher cost individual form and ceding SCHIP and Medicaid to private insurance companies. Employers will be hard hit to pay for it.

Those who provide health benefits today must convert their existing health support to income and pay another taxes in addition. I would also label the proposal “cost containment lite.” It clearly emphasizes access over cost control. It will be simpler to pass this bill since it generally does not directly undertake the powerful health care special interests–insurers, drug companies, doctors, hospitals, or lawyers. However, the largest losers would include insurance brokers (out of business for healthcare), SCHIP, and Medicaid program bureaucracies, and insurance company employees who do the billing and eligibility to work. In trade for every one of the new business, insurers would be subject to a lot more regulation including minimum loss ratios and a complex bid process that could only narrow premium margins. This might likely be a business model not as kind to Wall Street.

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