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Insurance And Financial Options

Call us | Make an Appointment | We will deal with your insurance company | That’s It! Note: Gastric Plication is not included in insurance companies. Lap-Band is included in many insurance firms. We are pleased that you have chosen us for your bodyweight reduction surgery. We are committed to providing a comprehensive weight loss surgery program concerning excellent surgery as well as pre-and postoperative education, evaluation, and support.

We strongly believe that the best results are achieved with a thorough program. However, we realize that high quality weight-reduction surgery is expensive. This is why we have caused the clinics and our anesthesiologists to have the lowest prices for the LAP-BAND and gastric plication in Arizona. Furthermore, our office works hard to have your music group included in your insurance, if possible.

Therefore, we will work with one to support you in finding a real way to cover the surgery. This might involve spending money on the operation yourself, financing the price through a finance company, or obtaining health insurance coverage for the surgery. Though insurance plan of the surgery is the lowest-priced option for you often, obtaining insurance authorization for weight loss surgery can be irritating and frustrating. Even though weight-reduction surgery is endorsed by the National Institutes of Health as the only effective treatment for morbid obesity, some plans do not cover it at all. Below we will give you a step by step approach for your insurance company.

But you can always make your first step an appointment around. With an appointment we will assess whether you would be eligible for weight-reduction surgery, and then you will talk with our coordinator and finance official. FIRST KNOW – you don’t have to do this. You can, but we can do all this for you or help you with this- that is our job and we are extremely good at our job.

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1. See whether weight-reduction surgery is a covered advantage in your plan. 2. Know what the requirements for coverage are (such as weight, BMI, prior weight loss efforts, etc.). 3. Obtain records (prior chart records from your medical doctor are especially good) that you meet all the criteria for coverage required by your insurance policy. 4. Determine which weight reduction process(s) your policy covers. 5. We will prepare a comprehensive notice of medical requirement outlining your situation and send it to your insurance provider requesting approval for your weight-loss surgery. You will need to take a dynamic role in gathering this given information.

We have discussed the process at length below to make it as easy and efficient as you can. We advise that you record every step of the true way. Educate Yourself, Inform yourself: The internet is a good spot to gather information about weight loss surgery and insurance plan. Go directly to the Articles Section and review “which means you want to get your insurance company to hide surgery?” Walter Lindstrom has a “top ten” set of how to proceed. Inform yourself about both insurance issues and the operative issues.