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The True Cost Of Economic Freedom

The following story was shared with me recently, its been circulating around the net for years and I now talk about it with you. In the United States of America lies a sizable commercial city which is the sight of one of the world’s largest slave labor camps. Located in and around the center of this populous city are community settlements where the financial slaves live. Every morning the slaves move around in herds like cattle from their small quarters in to the slave labor camps. They cram into small buses and trains, development through snow, sleet and inclimate weather.

Not because they want to, but because they have to. Each economic slave is at his / her train station by 9:00 AM. Here they report to their professional for the day’s responsibilities. And here they stay chained until 5:00 PM or even later until they’re released to go back home. The slaves haven’t any choice as to how many hours they must labor.

Sometimes they must work overtime until their get better at tells them they could leave and go back home. The master can even lay to the financial slave and make up rules and new job duties that werent covered before, and the slave does not have any choice but to stick to the new rules or risk dropping their slave job.

Each year the slaves are told when to consider their holidays, for how long, and when they must return. However the get better at loves “holidays”, so although slave has the time even, they rarely use it. If a grouped family member gets sick and needs help, well the slave cant be there to help them, they must check-in with the master first.

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And the masters answer is never a good one. Economic slaves have little choice as to how much money they earn as they are paid not what they are worth, but what the work is worth. If they die or cant do the job anymore, they will be replaced with another slave to fill the position quickly.

Soon they will be forgotten and it’ll be as if they had never even been around to begin with. If the economic slaves job becomes obsolete or inefficient, it can easily be replaced with a machine. And machines dont talk back or need promotions. They actually what theyre told. Slaves are allowed hardly any time for lunch time and espresso breaks through the labor hours.

Sometimes they dont get a rest, or are forced to eat lunch time at their table. Sometimes when they past due are compelled to work, they dont even get a hot meal, they skip dinner and even go starving. The slaves will remain in their chains in great fear because the economic master can punish them with the “firing” or “layoff” whip. And he is not scared to utilize it, therefore the slaves bow to his order. They do whatever he wants.

It is said that even some of the older slaves who’ve been good and faithful have experienced the sting of the whip. They disappear quickly and should never be heard from again. Soon, they too are forgotten. By day Day, year-by-year, the slaves toil and get older before master decides it is time to release them to the retirement camps where they’re forced to sit idle and wait for death.