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Why Did I Worry?

Mella called me and asked easily would like to see where in fact the Gillio organizers are created? You me and Tom. The only answer was yes. So early on Friday morning Alison dropped me off at Poitiers station to catch a TGV train to Paris Charles De Gaul airport north of Paris. After some lunch time, I did a little window shopping in the duty-free shops spotting a Mont Blanc organizer!

I then boarded an Air France BAe 146-200 aircraft bound for Florence. Why did I be concerned? On arriving in Florence about two hours later, after collecting my suitcase, I emerged through the hinged doors at arrivals to be greeted by Mella and Tom, that they had flown in from Brussels that morning hours ahead of me.

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I am pleased Tom was traveling, because hurry hour traffic in Florence was chaotic to state the least. After about 45 minutes of dodging our way through the narrow roads of Firenze to give Florence its proper name, we arrived at our hotel. Tom and Mella got examining in earlier.

So they offered me plenty of time to unpack and sort out my things before we went to a local restaurant for some food. Naturally the topic of conversation was far away from organizers and planners of all kinds never, I felt at ease. Well that evening and we met at the agreed time the next morning hours for breakfast I slept. I did reach secretly finish off the Saturday Web Finds, so you wouldn’t begin to ask way too many questions about where I used to be!

Our first appointment after breakfast time was to meet the man who makes the Gillio Mia Caras at his office/workshop, it was amazing to meet him and speak to him about these very special organizers. I still left him with some Philofaxy credit cards Normally, which bought a smile to his face! Expertly applying it to this pen case. A number of thousand Euros value Yes!

As we unpacked them for photographing you can imagine the intoxicating scent of a lot leather in a single place! We got a rest for a lunch and carried on the work of photographing each of the organizers then. We quickly devised ways to photograph every one of the organizers as quickly as possible.